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April 19 2016



Basement Recordings

The most effective DJ's For Luxury Events, V.I.P Events & Corporate Events london.

Are you organising a luxurious event, hosting a V.I.P party or arranging a corporate exhibition, in united kingdom.. be sure check this out!

Organising a prosperous event in london, uk, requires you to definitely costly venues on your guests, clients or business partners, to go away an indelible impression, they will will feel obliged to determine business associates and friends, which indeed ampli?es a buzz on social networking.. to make this happen, you may
in addition need the best DJ's and also the highest standard of music entertainment to check!

Today's DJ must be in a position to view the crowd, the occasion as well as the moment.. The most effective DJ's learn how to blend the right songs together in a way that connects using the audience.. Its not all DJ has this skill-set, this incorporates experience and talent.

Basement Recordings has played in the biggest, and the best venues london, and provided music entertainment for clients in the highest calibre; creating the most exhilarating atmospheres.

We've provided music for the likes of U.S tech giants Appboy in addition to their partners Soundcloud, and also fashion, couture designer House Of Ccuoco, and played at venues such as: The Hilton in Mayfair, Royal Festival Hall, Maddox Club (Mayfair), Quaglino's (Mayfair), Scala (King's Cross), Secretary of state for Sound, Pacha/Qube Project (Victoria).

 DJ Hire Central London

You can rely on Basement Recordings to supply the very best music, whenever; regardless of whether you need music for an electric atmosphere, or for us to make a part of sophistication, or whether you desire to party to Smash Hits, jump to Club Classics, rave to deal with & Techno, bounce with a Trap or Hip Hop.. Basement Recordings delivers every time.

Only using the most up-to-date audio equipment from Pioneer DJ, you can anticipate ?awless audio quality at all of your events.

We also provide excellent visuals for events, giving our clients the very best of both audio and visual, while you book your london, uk venue, be sure to book Basement Recordings. You can book us via our website: basement-recordings.com.


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